Monaro Fight Circuit #28

Over the weekend we had three of our fighters Nick Martin, Ryan Power and Rourke Edwards compete at Monaro Fight Circuit #28 in Canberra. All three fighters fought with tremendous heart and courage on the night as well as training hard and professionally leading up to the fight.

Nick Martin won the South Pacific Professional K1 Title in a great fight while Ryan and Rourke both fought great in their MMA fights and gained a bunch of experience in their fights. A special congratulations to Blaise Taylor from Southern Fitness and Martial Arts Centre on winning the Australian Light Heavy weight title with a great performance on the night.

A big congratulations to all these fighters for training hard and putting on great fights on the night and for also representing your gym and your area. A big thanks also to all the coaches, corner men and everyone who came down and supported the fighters and the event.

Finally thank you to Shane Tipa and the team from Monaro Fight Circuit for putting on a great event.