Total Havoc 8 / Aus Sub Only

Recently we had two of our fighters Nick Martin and Scott Denholm take part in Total Havoc 8 in Nowra. Both fighters showed amazing amounts of heart and discipline leading up to the fight to both come away with the wins in their fights.

Nick won via a third round TKO through his use of pressure, volume and being able to adjust throughout the fight. After three rounds of dominating the fight, the match was called and Nick was declared the winner. Scott won his match via a split decision after a back and forth battle with his opponent. Following a tough second round Scott was able to show tremendous heart and rallied for a strong third round comeback to take the decision victory.

We want to congratulate both our fighters on their wins, their amazing performance and representing our gym so well. Each fighter sacrificed so much and put their bodies on the line for their matches and we couldn’t be prouder. A big thank you to our coaches and team mates for getting each fighter ready and congratulations to everyone who competed on the night. Also thanks to everyone from the gym and their friends and family for coming our and supporting our fighters and the gym. Big thank you to everyone involved in putting this event together especially Richard Neradil from Southern Fight Promotions.

Also last weekend our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team competed at the NSW Aus Sub Only competition in Sydney. Despite being a regional gym, our team had a really strong showing at the Sydney event and we came away with ten gold medals, five silver medals and eight bronze and our team came away with the third place team ranking out of all the gyms that competed. Most importantly our competitors got a chance to demonstrate their skills and gain experience through their competition.

A big thank you to our competitors for making the trip, giving up your Mothers Day with your families to represent our gym. Also a big thanks to our students who made the trip up to support and help our competitors on the day.