Our gym

We are a fun and family orientated Nowra Martial Arts gym that is here to support our local community. Just a short distance from the Princes Highway, with on-site parking and a wide rage of adult’s and children’s classes day and night.

From building strong and resilient children that can bully proof themselves, to changing lives of adults, our goal is to make sure that all of our students have the confidence to face life’s obstacles and handle pressure with a clear mind and confidence.


About Richard

KTB was founded by Richard Kemp, who decided to name it after the three people who have most influenced and supported him; his Grandfather (Warren Kemp), his Grandmother (Katherine Kemp), and his mother Helen. Richard considers these people his heroes, and he has looked up to them his whole life.

Richard himself originally started Martial Arts to lose weight, and he was also a little curious to find out if he could ever get to the point where he could jump in the MMA cage.

He was successful on both fronts! He dropped from 108kg and was able to experience his first fight 30kg lighter at 77kg. It’s fair to say that Richard’s whole lifestyle changed when he became involved in martial arts, and his philosophy of mind also changed for the better.

Richard would go on to fight 15 more times in the cage, and also have 5 fights in Muay Thai. After becoming the Storm Damage MMA Featherweight (65kg) Champion, Richard retired from professional fighting. He’s proud to have now opened his own gym, and dedicates himself to sharing his passion and his experience with his students.